Open Source

As part of the open source community, Ethworks built a number of popular projects and contributed to many existing ones.

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Ethereum.rb allow you to interact with an ethereum node for the Ruby application.

Terra bridge

We are TerraBridge partner. It allows connecting EVM based blockchains.


Library for mocking smart contract dependencies during unit testing.

I agree to and accept that ETHworks Sp. z o.o. will collect, make automatic decisions about, analyze and catalog information about Internet electronic addresses which have connected with the device I have used, information about the type of the device I have used, including the type and version of software installed on the device, for the purpose of determining my Internet activities (the user profile). Automatic decision-making does not involve sensitive data. The agreement is in force for the period when it is legally binding, or until a Party withdraws from the agreement. Withdrawing from the agreement shall result in removing the user’s profile.