Open Source

We are an active participant of the blockchain community. We create, maintain and contribute to recognized open-source projects.

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Restless brings type safety of TypeScript to validations and type conversions. It includes a collection of common validations, also a set for Ethereum.

React Properties is a lightweight alternative for RX and Redux compatible with modern React features such as Hooks. It considerably reduces the amount and complexity of code.

Ethereum.rb started as a side project in 2016. While we weren’t looking for this, it became the most popular Ethereum Ruby library.

I agree to and accept that ETHworks Sp. z o.o. will collect, make automatic decisions about, analyze and catalog information about Internet electronic addresses which have connected with the device I have used, information about the type of the device I have used, including the type and version of software installed on the device, for the purpose of determining my Internet activities (the user profile). Automatic decision-making does not involve sensitive data. The agreement is in force for the period when it is legally binding, or until a Party withdraws from the agreement. Withdrawing from the agreement shall result in removing the user’s profile.