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Zero-Knowledge Scaling Demystified

Our extensive report on Ethereum scaling
will help you:

  • demystify the buzz around Ethereum layer 2 solutions,
  • understand the potential of the zero-knowledge technology,
  • choose your perfect-match solution and scale your product.

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Table of Contents

Ethereum scaling has been a topic of hot discussion for some time, but looks like now, things are finally about to change. The concept of generating a zero-knowledge proof for offloading the blockchain may be a real game-changer. Our extensive research on zero knowledge Ethereum scaling will help you understand why.

  • 01. Introduction

    Oh, Boy… Scaling Again...
    Report Contents

  • 02. Zero Knowledge

    Real-Life Example
    Zero Knowledge and Blockchain
    SNARKs vs. STARKs

  • 03. Architectures

    Data Availability Problem

  • 04. Technologies


  • 05. Summary

  • 06. About Authors


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